Hyperledger Blockchain

Nov 7th 2018 by Nicolas Zozol

HyperLedger, powered by IBM, is a set of tools for creating your own blockchain.


  • model

    • namespace
    • participant
    • asset
    • concept
    • event
    • query
  • lib/logic.js

Test and learn

generate .bna file

Customize npm run prepublish

    "seeds": "mkdirp ./dist && composer archive \
            create  --sourceType dir --sourceName . 
            -a ./dist/seeds.bna",

Use composer-playground ; deploy seeds.bna

    # execute fabric script
    # Go to http://composer-playground.mybluemix.net/


Create a top PeerAdminCard

    composer card list  #PeerAdmin@hlfv1
    cd ~/.composer/cards/
    # check there is PeerAdmin@hlfv1 directory
    # with credentials and private key inside

Create a runtime

    # composer runtime with card and network name
    # OLD: composer runtime install -c PeerAdmin@hlfv1 -n seeds
    composer network install -c PeerAdmin@hlfv1 -a dist/seeds.bna

!info : in case of trouble, stop the fabric, tearDown, and restart

# Get some informations composer archive list -a dist/seeds.bna # > Identifier:seed-network@0.2.6 # > Name:seed-network # > Version:0.2.6

    # Create a network and a certificate for accessing
    composer network start \
        -c PeerAdmin@hlfv1 -n seed-network -V 0.2.6 \
        -A nicolas -S password -f robusta.card 
    # ... Pretty long !
    # >Successfully created business network card:
    # > Filename: robusta.card
    cat robusta.card
    # > display the card on this directory

Importer robusta dans le network
composer card list # shows only PeerAdmin@hlfv1

composer card import -f robusta.card # > Successfully imported business network card # > Card file: robusta.card # > Card name: nicolas@seed-network

Now we have access

    composer network ping -c nicolas@seed-network -v 0.2.6
    # > v0.20.0


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