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Robusta Code has given state of the art trainings for more than 5 years. Always customized, updated and improved.

Clean Code
Design Patterns


Training without coding is nonsense. We deliver for customers, code Open Source projects, or public applications.


Coding is not more complicated today, but options are overloaded. We think at minimum complexity for maximum scaling, using general Platform like Firebase or AWS and ultra-specialized PDF exporter.


About Nicolas Zozol

I am the founder of Robusta Code. I have a Physics and chemistry background as I was Science Teacher for kids in France and Boston, USA.

For what it's worth, I am a Oracle Master Java Certified and was screened by Toptal, an Elite agency. I work with big companies such as Renault or Boston Consulting Group, as well as fresh start-ups, like TeqTrack or Diool.

I often work with a pool of close collaborators, from Toulouse or not, that are better than me on many technologies, with a sharp mindset.


Masala Parser



Masala Parser is a Javascript implementation of Parser Combinator Generator, inspired by the Haskell Parsec. It is plain Javascript that works in the browser, is tested with more than 450 unit tests, covering 100% of code lines.



Use Cases

 Use Cases

  • It can create a full parser from scratch

  • It can extract data from a big text and replace complex regexp

  • It works in any browser

  • It's a great starting point for parser education. It's way simpler than Lex & Yacc.


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